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Poker Is Growing In India

Online poker has been consistently growing in the country since the pandemic hit. It’s not only a source of entertainment for the players but potentially a source of income as well. Poker is a skill game. That much has always been clear to those who have been playing the game for some time. 

In order to increase the credibility of the game and pique the interest of those who haven’t tried it yet, poker sites are coming out with videos of how to play poker in Hindi

This is a good initiative because a large proportion of the population in our country is not very good at English which is understandable and videos and articles about the game in Hindi will make it easier for our audiences to understand the game betterPoker is a skill game with a lot of concepts and subtlety but luck is also a part of the game.

However, the game allows you to take calculated risks and bring down that luck factor! The fact that there is luck involved as well makes it potentially more attractive for recreational players to keep playing the game!

India’s best poker platform, have made a video in Hindi, explaining the objective of the game and how it is played! 

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