Indian Micro Poker Series Main Event Winner, Abhishek Kushwaha

“Studying about the game is as important as playing” - Indian Micro Poker Series Main Event Winner, Abhishek Kushwaha

Another successful Indian Micro Poker Series came to an end on PokerBaazi last week and brought us a new IMPS Main Event winner. Abhishek ‘rekop’ Kushwaha took down the massive INR 50L GTD IMPS Gold Edition Main Event for a life changing payout of INR 9,48,500! 

We spoke with the 35 year old about his poker journey and how he ended up taking down the biggest tournament of the Indian Micro Poker Series Gold Edition! According to Abhishek, his childhood was filled with a lot of sports. Growing up he loved playing cricket and had a fun time hanging out with his friends from school and college. 

Back in 2017, one of his friends from college introduced him to poker during his trip to Goa. At that point in time, Abhishek thought that poker was similar to Teen Patti! He decided to deposit 100 rupees on one of the poker platforms and started playing!

He says that he didn’t even know the hand rankings when he started playing for the first time against players from all over the country. As for any new player that starts playing poker at the lowest level without any prior knowledge about the game, he started incurring losses. 

A couple of years later, he realized that studying about the game was as important as playing the game. This is when he started watching videos and reading books in order to learn more about the game and the various strategies that are involved while playing a single hand of poker! Industry pro, Anujkumar Kodam, helped him in improving his mindset along with the way he approached a hand! 

He started improving and never looked back. We talked to Abhishek about his IMPS Main Event grind. He says that his strategy was simply to get maximum value for his value hands and as the tournament progressed, he ended up getting those value hands at just the right moments! 

On Day 2 of the event, Abhishek remembers when his pocket Jacks held up against opponents AK twice in 2 hours in pots of more than 60 big blinds! That was when he knew that he would be able to grind down till the Final Table! 

“On the last two tables, I shifted my game to Tight Passive. As everyone was getting too aggressive, I thought it to be the game strategy and it worked! 

For all those who did not watch the final table, Abhishek started the final heads-up against ‘suneethkalmady’ as a massive underdog. He had only 7 big blinds left as compared to the villain’s 117 big blinds! 

But we all know what happened next. As the headlines suggest, Abhishek says that, “I needed a lot of luck that day and I had it!” It was an amazing comeback and an incredible grind overall on his part! Abhishek loves listening to Alpha Waves mixes while grinding and we’re definitely going to be trying it ourselves! 

We also asked him what he thought was the best thing about being a poker player. He said, 

“The best thing about being an online poker player is that  you get the comfort of playing at your home. When you get a big win, you can immediately go and celebrate with your family! And when you lose, you can just go to sleep!” 

It was a pleasure to speak with Abhishek Kushwaha and we’re looking forward to seeing him crush in future events! 

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